How to make A Garden

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To make a garden you have to follow certain procedures. First select a suitable piece of land. It can be in front of your reading room. Shovel, loosen and level the soil with a garden spade. Next, fence the land so that naughty boys and animals are unable to harm it. After that you should sow the seeds of different flowers of different seasons and plant many kinds of flower plants in it. Good seeds and plants are needed for a healthy garden. Finally you should work in the garden every morning and afternoon. Water the plants frequently. Weed your garden regularly to keep it neat and clean. Apply manure to the plants regularly to keep the soil fertile. Use pesticides so that harmful insects cannot do any harm to the plants and flowers. In city life, pot planting in a common way for city dwellers to have their garden in a small space. All they need is a deck, a roof, or a tiny patch of well-lit space to start their own small garden following the same process.

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